The power of using the correct words is the difference between a husband and wife fighting and them being in bed in a few minutes

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This is a great post that aligns with some of the things we've been writing about recently.

I've certainly had junior consultants on my team who haven't quite used the right language when engaging with clients (I wrote this about here if it's of interest: https://www.richardmillington.com/p/effective-vs-efficient-communications).

Phrases like the ones you've shown above or "our data indicates...." that leave room for the response and further collaboration help build a relationship as you've flagged here.

Thanks for sharing Tom. Hope you're doing well.

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When it comes to SEO, always be mindful of the language you use. If you frame your recommendations in a way that leads with the opportunity, then your clients are more likely to take action and achieve success.

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